Premium Drupal Templates Single-Use Theme and Template Licensing

By purchasing and using a product, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Unauthorized Usage: CSS, images and PHP code independent of Drupal's GPL version 2 license may under no circumstances be resold or redistributed without written authorization from

2. Limited Use: CSS, images and PHP code independent of Drupal's GPL version 2 license are subject to the single-use licensing agreement must be used on no more than one website/domain, whether it be personal, client, friend or family member.

3. Assignability: You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer the license to anyone else without prior written consent from

4. Modification: All themes and templates may be modified as required. This includes the removal of branding, links and logos.

5. Delivery: All products are available for download upon successful payment. Files will be available in 'Files' section of the user profile created during check-out.

6. Refund Policy: Due to the intangible nature of the product, does not issue refunds after the product has been downloaded.

7. Warranty: We cannot guarantee that themes will function with all 3rd party community contributions due to the vast amount and because there is currently no certification process for such 3rd party contributions. Browser compatibility should be tested against the demonstration templates on the demo server.  All themes are developed for the latest versions of Drupal, and we can not guarantee that themes will work with future versions of the CMS.

8. Support: All themes are offered 'as is', and are developed to function with Drupal's core modules.  Due to the vast amount of community contributions, does not offer e-mail or forum support for the integration of third-party modules, except in instances where a third-party module may be required by the theme.