Stuff that's Happening at ThemeShark: News About the May Release, Drupal 7 Themes, Other Things

Our May Theme 'Barracuda' will be released at the end of the week - and for those that are curious, I went with a grunge style with this one. I was getting a little tired with all of the clean-cut business and magazine themes, and wanted to try something new to prevent things from getting stale. And, hey, I'm pleased with the results, so hopefully some of you will be, too.

It's a bit later in the month than I'd hoped it would be for this release, but things have been busy here at ThemeShark lately. Barracuda will also include an update to our usual documentation: though the current documentation has done its job and there's been few problems, I felt it was time to do something a little more detailed for newer users and fill in some of the gaps. It can be hard to maintain a perspective on what steps are obvious and what isn't after you've done them enough times, so hopefully taking a step back and trying to see things through the eyes of a Drupal beginner will make a difference. Eventually all of the documentation will be updated.

I've also been toying with the idea of ceasing development for Drupal 6, and focusing all my efforts on Drupal 7 themes. Developing for and supporting both versions has been a bit trying during the past few months, and so you'll see to the right there's a new poll ( It's my aim to provide the best product and service I possibly can, and welcome any feedback.

MaierWerx's picture

MaierWerx wrote:

19 May Comment #: 1

Hey Rob...

Do you have an idea of when Galapagos will be ready for D7? I noticed there is a Beta release of DDBlock for D7. :)


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Rob D. wrote:

20 May Comment #: 2

I don't have an ETA, but I'm truly hoping everything that can be ported will be taken over by the end of the summer and Galapagos will be next. I've gotta figure out some clever way to do it more quickly by the time Drupal 8 comes along...

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lanetterm wrote:

21 May Comment #: 3

Hope to see Barracuda soon -- It looks like just what I need.

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