14 Jul

We're happy to introduce our newest theme, Great White. Named, of course, after that killer shark. And hey, this release almost coincides with the 35th anniversary of Jaws. But that detail has nothing to do with Drupal themes, so I'll cut to the chase.

'Great White' is reminiscent of a few of our past themes, using the Dynamic Display Block module and a custom Article content type. It's perfect for a content site or a news site, but the sleek look should lend itself well to a corporate/business site. There's 21 regions for content and block placement, and as always everything is pretty flexible - the user regions collapse when empty, and you can adjust the width of the layout and the width of the sidebars. There's options on the backend that control the font sizes, font faces, breadcrumbs and animated Superfish menus, and you can easily toggle author/date information on and off. You can also import your own stylesheet and you can set up a Twitter link.

06 Jul

Well, here we are in early July, and over the rest of the summer we'll be rolling out a few new services and products. Regular visitors and customers will immediately note that the site is sportin' a cool new design, but that's not all: over the next few days we'll be launching a couple new services. The first is a customization service, with an hourly rate of $40 for any custom work you might require. The second will be a PSD2DRUPAL service, and so anyone out there with a design of their own in PSD format that needs it to be sliced up and coded can now come to us. This will be launching with a base cost of $699, with the usual add-ons available from there. And of course, new drupal themes are on the horizon. More details to come, so stay tuned!

28 Apr

The following guide is for use with the Stingray Drupal Theme available for purchase here.

This guide will assist you in setting up Stingray and it’s additional features on a pre-existing website or from scratch. Although we recommend that users new to Drupal install the theme using our custom installation profile, that takes care of all of this for you in a few simple clicks, we understand that this might not always be ideal. But if you’ve never heard of the CCK, Views and Imagecache modules before today, we recommend that you proceed with caution and much patience. ;)

And as always, before doing anything to a pre-existing site, make sure to BACKUP.

So let’s get rollin’.

1A. Install Drupal if you haven’t already. Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled, we’ll need to use Clean Urls for this.

28 Apr

Today we’re starting a new series of Drupal tutorials here on ThemeShark.com that will focus on Drupal development for newer users - people who may be moving on from other popular CMS solutions like Wordpress or Joomla or just don’t have much experience or professional history in site development to begin with.

It’s no secret by now that Drupal is one of the most powerful open-source solutions available for building everything from tiny personal blogs to larger corporate content sites, and we want to make sure that no one’s overwhelmed right off the bat before getting the chance to dig in and really find out what the CMS has to offer. So our goal here will be to guide green users in building a straight-forward content site that utilizes the most common and useful Drupal modules and offers features common to most Web 2.0 era websites.

21 Aug

For a few different reasons we've decided to rename DrupalShark.com and begin operating under the name of ThemeShark.com.

First and foremost, we're thinking about the future.  Although our main focus is and will continue to be on Drupal themes and development, there's always a possibility that we'll want to move on and support other Open Source CMS solutions later on down the road.  I love Wordpress, for example, and I'd certainly like to see what I can do with it.

14 Aug

After some deep thought, we decided to put together a version of the Galapagos installation profile for Drupal 6.x. 

New and prior customers will find that it's now included in the zip pack in the files section of their account.

It should however be noted that most of the modules being used are in beta and in a couple cases alpha states.  But with that said, we poked around a bit once they were all set up and and they seem to do the job admirably.  

There's a few changes to note:  

14 Aug

This month we've decided to release another free theme - this time for Drupal 6.x.  It's a bright and cheery theme, with colors reminiscent of a popular fast food chain - but the red and yellow hasn't seemed to hurt them in the least.

The XHTML validates to Strict, and it's been tested with Firefox 2/3, IE, Safari and Opera.  Those with some CSS know-how might not find it too hard to tweak, either.  

You can view a live demo here:

Live Demo

05 Jul

Today I just want to highlight a couple of excellent modules that will help new Drupal users who may be coming from other CMS solutions like Joomla make the transition a little bit more smoothly.  There's no doubt that Drupal provides a powerful and flexible platform - but let's address a couple of the issues that seem to confuse people right off of the bat. 

Support hours: 9AM - 5PM EST, Mon - Fri

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