06 Jul

New Site Design, New Services at ThemeShark.com

Well, here we are in early July, and over the rest of the summer we'll be rolling out a few new services and products. Regular visitors and customers will immediately note that the site is sportin' a cool new design, but that's not all: over the next few days we'll be launching a couple new services. The first is a customization service, with an hourly rate of $40 for any custom work you might require. The second will be a PSD2DRUPAL service, and so anyone out there with a design of their own in PSD format that needs it to be sliced up and coded can now come to us. This will be launching with a base cost of $699, with the usual add-ons available from there. And of course, new drupal themes are on the horizon. More details to come, so stay tuned!

Dr. Yakup's picture

Dr. Yakup (not verified) wrote:

06 Jul Comment #: 1

very good psd design & web site designs. ;)

gimsot's picture

gimsot wrote:

08 Jul Comment #: 2

great work theshark!

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous wrote:

08 Jul Comment #: 3

Nice redesign of the themeshark.com and nice new services as well :)
Just wondering: what happend with the "buy 2 get 1" offer?

Rob D.'s picture

Rob D. wrote:

08 Jul Comment #: 4

That offer will still be available to past customers who may have purchased with the offer in mind. :)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous wrote:

02 Sep Comment #: 5

Nice redesign of the themeshark.com and nice new services as well :)

Maurice Lacroix

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