14 Aug

Drupal 6.x Easy Installer now available for Galapagos News/Magazine Theme

After some deep thought, we decided to put together a version of the Galapagos installation profile for Drupal 6.x. 

New and prior customers will find that it's now included in the zip pack in the files section of their account.

It should however be noted that most of the modules being used are in beta and in a couple cases alpha states.  But with that said, we poked around a bit once they were all set up and and they seem to do the job admirably.  

There's a few changes to note:  

Content is deligated during creation by simply typing in the name of the corresponding tag to the "Sorting" field: ie. Features 1, Features 2, and so on.

The final installation has also been slightly altered and some extraneous info has been removed.

To save any hassle, users may also want to ensure in advance that the php memory_limit is set high enough to prevent errors during installation (though the same holds true with the Drupal 5.x installer, and even bare Drupal installs).  Most hosts allow you to override this with a php.ini file placed in the root directory.


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