May Theme Barracuda Released for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7

Introducing Barracuda for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, a grungy, rock 'n' roll theme with five filthy looking color styles.  Perfect for a band site or a music news and review blog.  In addition to our usual features, Barracuda also includes an new and improved user guide, attached below for anyone who may be interested.  Comments on the new guide are welcomed and encouraged. 

Also, special thanks to death metal band Select & Dismember for the use of their images on the Barracuda demo.

Stuff that's Happening at ThemeShark: News About the May Release, Drupal 7 Themes, Other Things

Our May Theme 'Barracuda' will be released at the end of the week - and for those that are curious, I went with a grunge style with this one. I was getting a little tired with all of the clean-cut business and magazine themes, and wanted to try something new to prevent things from getting stale. And, hey, I'm pleased with the results, so hopefully some of you will be, too.


Full Inbox = Returned E-mails. Whoops!

Reports have been coming in during the past week that our Inbox recently ended up full and started returning mail to customers who were trying to contact us. If you've sent us an e-mail to us recently that was returned, this is very likely the reason . I usually hold on to e-mails for an extended period time in order to refer back to them and neglected to pay attention to the fact that it was about to run out of space. We apologize for any inconvenience or delay this has caused anyone that was trying to get a hold of us.

April Drupal Theme 'Starboard Magazine' Released

Howdy, gang. Our April theme Starboard is now available to purchase or download (as you may have already guessed). I hadn't put together a magazine/news oriented theme in quite sometime, and so that's the direction I decided to go with this one. You'll notice I went with a 'content first' kind of design. It's light on images and uses Cufon for the titles and headers. You can check out the demo here.

Diver Theme Now Available for Drupal 7

Quick update: Diver has been successfully ported to Drupal 7 and is now included in the theme pack. As with our other ports, the slideshow is now controlled by the Views Slideshow module and will require a views import. Although it looks near identical, you will find the behavior a bit different (most notably, there's no longer animation on the slide text, and rolling over a pager item switches to the corresponding slide). Also worth noting is the temporary omission of the Collapsiblock module. There is a development version of this module currently available for Drupal 7, but I haven't been able to get it to work yet and need to take some time and take a closer look. If that's important to your site, you may want to stick with the Drupal 6 version for now.

March Drupal Theme 'Hampton' Released for D7 and D6; Update Regarding Pending D7 Ports

Hi everyone - I'm pleased to announce the release of our March 'Hampton' for D7 and D6. This time I tried for something with a bit of an 'elegant' or 'classy' look, if you will. Should be suitable for showcasing all sorts of posh products. Members will notice I've been hooked on Views Carousel lately - once again the Slideshow can be setup by a simple Export.

There's no Easy Installer for Drupal 6 this month, and we've moved over the demo installation profile over to Drupal 7 instead. As always there's instructions included for setting it all up on either version, and this one is pretty straight-foward.

Stringray Released for Drupal 7; New Theme Coming Mid-Month

Hey everyone. I'm happy to announce that Stingray has finally been ported to Drupal 7 and is now included in Tthere's a few things I should mention regarding this release (for those of you who've been paying attention to the others most of this won't be surprising).

The Slideshow now uses the Views Slideshow module instead of the Dynamic Display Block. Here's what's different about it:

1. Thumbnails now link to the content, and switch to the corresponding slide upon rollover.

2. The teaser text is now taken from the first paragraph of the article body. The Drupal 7 version does away with the subtitle field entirely (although this can be setup after the fact if it's important to anyone). Mostly this was done to simplify the setup process and make things easier for new users, since the easy import of content types and fields is not yet supported by the CCK module.

Sardinia Ported to Drupal 7 and Available for Download

The Drupal 7 version of Sardinia is now available for download. Existing customers will be able to find included in an updated version of under the file tab in their account. No surprises: everything is mostly the same, except again we've switched the slideshow from the Dynamic Display Block module to Views Slideshow.

Stingray's next up. I know there's at least one of our members out there that's interested in that. :)

But we're half way there, and the available Drupal 7 themes are now: Tidalwave, Gulfstream, Sardinia, Pacific, Great White, Litehouse, Starfish, Minimalist and Hammerhead.

Another Drupal 7 Theme: Pacific Available for Download

And now here's Pacific, all ready for Drupal 7. I'm starting to repeat myself, but just in case anyone missed the other posts, the D7 port of Pacific now uses the Views Slideshow module instead of the Dynamic Display Block module. Although DDBlock is a fantastic module, Views Slideshow is a bit easier for the novice - all that's required for setup once the necessary modules are installed is creating some Image style presets and importing a view. And other than that, there's only very minor cosmetic changes.

So let's recap again, the themes that support Drupal 7 as of this instant are: Tidalwave, Gulfstream, Pacific, Great White, Litehouse, Starfish, Minimalist and Hammerhead.

Great White Port to Drupal 7 Now Available for Download

So, it looks like I fibbed: I expected that East Coast would be the next Drupal 7 theme I released, but not everything always goes as planned. But more on that in a moment.

Great White is one of our best selling themes, and I'm happy to announce that nothing has been lost in the translation. As many of you know we had been using the Dynamic Display Block in many of our Drupal 6 themes to highlight and showcase featured content, so I was a bit concerned when Drupal 7 was released that there'd be no alternative right out of the gate. But it turns out the Views Slideshow module does the job and does it pretty well - the updated slideshow for Great White looks just as good and nearly identical to the old one, with a few minor changes in functionality (the slide now changes when the user hovers on a pager item, for example).

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